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This week timer allows you to program 4 outpouts independently of each other,. Together with 4x K6001 you can build a thermostat yourself with 4 independent temperature zones so that e.g. the temperature in the living-room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the bedrooms can be controlled separately and at different points of time. With the build-in illuminated LCD matrix display you can easily read out all the program steps. Memory back-up with nicad-battery, protects memory and clock during power loss. The front plate is supplied with the kit. Black plastic housing to match (B1682) separately obtainable.


  • 4 output relay: max 5A/220V
  • 4 optocoupler inpouts for thermal detection K6001 or K6003
  • 50 programming steps for each output (total 200 steps)
  • Week/daily programming
  • Current supply: 220 ή 125 VAC (2)
  • Memory for 24 hours with 9V battery,8 hours for 4.8V Nicd battery.
  • Front panel dimensions: 234X120mm
  • Mimnimum construction depth 50mm.

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